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Scientific name     

Callagur borneoensis


South Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo

Shell Length

Male: 30 - 40 cm Female: 50 - 70 cm


7.6 cm

Adult Weight

20 - 25 kg

Clutch Size

10 - 12 eggs



70 - 90 days



Primarily herbivorous and mainly feed on mangrove fruits, fallen vegetables, shoots and greenery from riverside plants.



Estuaries and the tidal portions of medium to large rivers as well as mangrove swamps and creeks.



40 - 80 years


Adults are large with a relatively attened, smooth oval shell. Females are drab in appearance, with grey bodies and shells, and a subtle pattern of three broken lines running down the length of their carapace. Males are very different, changing colour dramatically during breeding season. They transform from subdued greys and browns to one of the most beautiful turtles in the world. When in full breeding colour, males have a striking white neck and head with a brilliant red diamond on the top, between and behind their eyes. Their shells become bolder, with a high contrast of light grey and a bold pattern of dark green to black running in three broken lines down the carapace length. The carapace also has a pattern of dark blotches running around the margin.

IUCN Red List

Critically Endangered

Sarawak Wildlife Ordinance

Totally Protected

Local Name


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