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KATJANG GOAT ( Indigeneous Breed )

Adult Weight

20 – 30 kg



Grass, stems and others herbaceous plant material


Fur Colour

Brown, white and black


Gestation Period

5 months


8 - 10 years


Katjang goat are mainly raised for meat and milk production.


The Katjang goat is originated from Malaysia & Indonesia. This indigenous breed of goat possesses a thin, black coloured coat, sometimes with white patches.  Size is smaller and shorter when compare to exotic breed.  Buck has long goatee and horns are pointing upwards and backwards. Katjang possesses the natural characteristics of heat and disease tolerance in an equatorial, hot-humid climate.  With a pair of perpendicular ears, short neck, hind legs are higher than shoulder, thin and rough skin.  High reproduction and mostly has twinning rate.  Their milk production is low with only 300 ml per day. 

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