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Adult Weight

60 – 100 kg



Grass, stems and others herbaceous plant material


Fur Colour

Brown, white and black


Anglo Nubian are mainly raised for meat and milk production.


The Anglo Nubian, originated from England is an all-purpose goat, useful for meat, milk and hide production.  It is not a heavy milk producer but has a high average butter fat content.  The head is the distinctive breed characteristic, with the facial profile between the eyes and the muzzle being strongly convex. The ears are long (extending at least one inch beyond the muzzle when held flat along the face), wide and pendulous. They lie close to the head at the temple and flare slightly out and well forward at the rounded tip, forming a "bell" shape. The ears are 2.5 cm long, not thick, with the cartilage well defined.  Any solid or particoloured coat is permitted in the Anglo-Nubian, but black, red or tan are the most common colours, any of which may be carried on combination with white.  The hair is short, fine and glossy. Height of Ewe is 76 cm with weight of above 62 kg while breeder can reach a height of 81 cm and over 100kg.  Percentage of milk fat is 3.5~6.5%,low milk production and shorter production period when compare to others.

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