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Adult Weight

Adult Male        68-91kg

Adult female     36-63kg






12 years


Jamnapari are mainly raised for meat and milk production.


Also known as ‘Etawah’ goat as they are originated from Etawa district of Uttar Pradesh, India.  Jamnapari goats are generally large animals with curved nose similar to parrot mouth appearance also known as Roman nose. It is found in different colour variation but usually it is found in white colour with small dark patches on head and neck. The jamnapari goats usually have long hair on the back leg and it has long drooping ear usually 30 cm long.  Both male and female have horns.  A total of daily milk yield is approx 360 - 540 kg in its lactation period of 250 days. The highest daily milk yields per day is 3.8 kg. Low reproduction and twinning rate is only 10%. 

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